Cure Medical

Founded by quadriplegic Bob Yant, Cure Medical is an independently-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets intermittent catheters and closed catheter systems. Cure Medical catheters are not made with scary chemicals like DEHP/DINP, BPA or natural rubber latex. Cure Medical also donates 10% of our net income to scientific research in pursuit of a cure for paralysis and CNS/D. TRY A CURE catheter at or call 800.570.1778.

Brands: Cure Hydrophilic Catheter® Cure Twist® for Women Cure Ultra™ for Men and Women Cure Medical® Pocket Catheter Cure Medical® Catheter Insertion Kit Cure M14XL Extra Long Catheter

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA)

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is a non-profit trade association dedicated to expanding opportunities for people with disabilities to safely drive or be transported in vehicles modified with mobility equipment to fit their specific needs. All members work together to improve transportation options for people with disabilities.

NMEDA was originally formed as an association of mobility equipment dealers in the state of Florida. In 1989, membership opened up to mobility dealers on a national scale and the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association was established. Our organization promotes and supports individual members engaged in the modification of quality transportation for people with disabilities. Today, we have grown to more than 600 members – including mobility equipment dealers, manufacturers, driver rehabilitation specialists and other mobility industry professionals – with the bulk of our network of mobility experts located in the United States and Canada.

Our ultimate mission is to unify and improve the mobility equipment industry and help people with disabilities lead happy, healthy and more mobile lifestyles through the use of quality wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Thinking About Becoming a Sponsor?

The Southern California Chapter of the United Spinal Association, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, has served individuals living with a spinal cord injury and disorders (SCI/D) since 2014. Our mission is to provide pathways for success connecting individuals with SCI or spinal disorders with resources for employment training, peer support and socialization, as well as issues related to health and wellness. The Southern California Chapter membership is open to individuals, family, friends affected by disability and those who advocate on their behalf.

One important issue affecting our community is access to employment. The unemployment rate for a person with a disability is more than double that of a non-disabled person. We are working diligently with companies located within our area of service as well as county agencies and the disability community to change this statistic. We aim to function as a liaison between the employer and the prospective employee, educating persons with disabilities on the various processes from resume building and how to interview while educating the employer on disability type and their nuances so that the interview process is more relaxed, ending in a win/win situation for both parties. We look forward to speaking with you further regarding employment opportunities you may want to offer our members now or in the future.

In order to meet our mission and provide the resources and support to those we serve, we ask for your pledge or sponsorship – please see the chart above. Your contribution will be visible to our members, their families, and caregivers showing how your company supports the independence and well-being of wheelchair users in our region. Please contact Rick Hayden at 951-775-2561 or to discuss ways in which we can partner.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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