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We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the many people that have given so much of themselves to position the Southern California Chapter for a successful run in 2019 and to wish them a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season:

  • The Executive Board; Andrew, Karen, Celia, Mary, Jeff, Tim and Chelle
  • The Advisory Board; Candace, David, John, Doreen, Haydee, Richard, Kathy and Stevie
  • Consultants; Morris
  • Our many members; all of you:)
  • The Agencies: Dept. of Rehab, Social Security Admin, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • The Organizations; Triumph Foundation, Pushrim

If your traveling this season, travel safe. This is a time for giving of ourselves and showing kindness to those less fortunate.



November is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

We recognize the creativity, innovation, and skill that people with disabilities bring to the workforce, and we realize that the economy is stronger and more prosperous when employers utilize the immense talents of individuals with disabilities, including disabled veterans.

We can all do more. Facilities should be fully accessible. Hiring practices should expand training opportunities and ensure our citizens have the knowledge and skills to compete and succeed in the 21st Century
Our chapter will look to work with agencies in our area that provide resources and services and collaborate with these agencies to provide training opportunities.

There are no upcoming events.


There are no upcoming events.