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Membership in the Southern California Chapter of the United Spinal Association is a great way to connect with others in the disability community.  Membership is free and includes a free subscription to New Mobility magazine.  Join us and become part of the bigger picture as we organize events and workshops that will be filled with information on resources and information vital to living independent lives and keeping us there.

Workshops/Meet & Greets

The Southern California Chapter will be hosting a number of workshops designed to help individuals achieve full independence.  Whether it be employment, public transportation or housing, these workshops will give you the information needed to make your way through the system.  We’ll connect you with the proper agency and help get the process started.  Our Meet & Greets are a fun way to connect with others in the disability community and to gain knowledge on products and resources.

Peer Mentor Program

Our Peer Mentor Program is designed to pair a new injury/diagnosis with an experienced person who shares a similar level of injury and age.  The peer mentor will work with the family as well to help them all gain a better understanding of what is going on and how best to help and support.

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit organization and we are no different.  When it comes to running all facets of the organization, hosting events and putting on educational workshops we just can’t do it without those who volunteer their time and skills.  Our volunteers share our passion for improving the lives of those with a disability and helping those who are striving to achieve independence in their live.